Best Free Serif Fonts for Designers in 2023

30+ fonts for your graphic & web design projects

We know choosing the right serif typeface and fonts can really make your project stand out. It's important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in typography. That's why we've put together a list of 32 amazing serif fonts that are perfect for any design need in 2023.

And the best part? These fonts are free for personal use and some can even be used commercially. Whether you're updating your website, creating a logo, or working on print materials, this collection will definitely improve your design options.

What’s the difference between personal and commercial use? Learn here.
What’s the difference between OTF and TFF fonts? Learn here.

Here is our list of 32 serif typefaces:

1. Vogue

Crafted by the talented Vladimir Nikolic, this font channels the elegance of the iconic Vogue logo. It’s chic, polished style makes it perfect for attention-grabbing headlines, sleek logos, magazine covers, and any creative design craving a touch of high-fashion sophistication. Plus, it's free for personal use!

2. Belgiano Serif

Crafted with precision by Fajarisha Phonna, Belgiano is a masterclass in modern elegance. Its exquisite ligatures exude a unique style, making it a top choice for branding, logos, invitations, mastheads, and more. The best part? It's free for both personal and commercial use!

3. Amoitar

Dive into luxury and style with Amoitar, an elegant serif creation from 177Studio. Seamlessly blending regular and thin strokes, adorned with chic flourishes, this font is a testament to modern sophistication. It's the ideal choice for standout logotypes, brand identities, wedding monograms, blog headlines, and so much more. While the heart of this beauty is offered as a demo font, you can enjoy it for personal use at no cost!


HEAVEN MINE is a distinctive serif creation that marries modern flair with timeless classicism. Crafted with care by Storytype Studio, this typeface stands out with its unique style and contemporary edge. Whether you're designing a luxe logo, curating a fashion brand, dreaming up book or movie titles, or crafting impactful quotes, HEAVEN MINE is your ticket to a design that resonates. Best of all? You can use it for free in your personal projects.

5. Mastji by Wildan Type

A bold and modern serif font with a twist. Crafted with dedication by Wildan Type, this typeface boasts decorative alternates and exquisite ligatures that make it stand out. Whether you're designing an opulent logo, dreaming up book or movie titles, curating a fashion brand, or penning down elegant lettering and quotes, Mastji is your go-to choice. Elevate your design game, and the cherry on top? It's free for personal use.

6. Androgy by Letterhend Studio

: Delve into the dual-world of Androgy Display, a singular serif that effortlessly marries script uppercase with a classic serif lowercase. This sophisticated blend offers a unique touch, making it an ideal choice for a vast array of formal applications. Think invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, and even wedding cards. From fashion and makeup to novels and advertising, Androgy Display is ready to elevate any project. And the sweet deal? It's available for free personal use.

7. Edition

A sleek and tall font that radiates sharpness. With its slender profile, Edition brings a contemporary vibe and distinct elegance to any design. Whether you're crafting eye-catching headlines, logos, or branding materials, this font ensures a standout appearance. The icing on the cake? Edition is generously available for both personal and commercial use.

8. Glow Night by Storytype Studio 

Discover a blend of the contemporary and timeless with this modern serif font. Designed by Storytype Studio, it boasts a distinctive style that seamlessly meshes the classic with the modern. Whether you're shaping an elegant logo, curating a fashion brand, envisioning book or movie titles, or crafting striking lettering and quotes, this typeface is your gateway to sophistication. And the bonus? It's free for personal endeavors.

9. MADE Sunflower by MadeType

Step into a realm where the old meets the new with MADE Sunflower, a modern serif typeface tinged with classic elements. Brought to life by MadeType, this font is an impeccable choice for a myriad of projects. Whether you're sprucing up fashion visuals, designing sleek magazine layouts, conjuring logos, capturing moments in photography, crafting invitations, penning quotes, or any creative endeavor like blog headers, posters, and postcards, MADE Sunflower is set to shine. And guess what? It's free for personal use.

10. Mighty Origin by Handpik

A serif display font that's a blend of classic charm and feminine elegance. Infused with beautiful alternate stylistic touches, this creation by Handpik carries an allure that's hard to resist. From logos to branding, stationery to wedding designs, social media flair to printed quotes, and so much more – Mighty Origin seamlessly fits into any project, adding its unique touch. Whether it's for product packaging, designs, labels, or even as a watermark on your latest photograph, this font is ready to leave its mark. And the best part? It's available free for personal use.

11. Newyork by Artem Nevsky

Dive into the timeless allure of "New York", a captivating serif font that's reminiscent of the world's most iconic city. Created by the talented Artem Nevsky, this typeface exudes a haute couture vibe that's nothing short of luxurious. Whether you're crafting invitations, designing postcards, imagining book covers, developing brand identities, or simply looking for that elegant touch in your web projects, "New York" is a versatile asset in any designer's toolkit. With support for over 200 Latin-based languages, it's as diverse as the city it's named after. And the cherry on top? It's free for personal use.

12. Orange Voyage by Dmitriy Evans

A modern serif that effortlessly captures the allure of vintage aesthetics while maintaining a fresh and fashionable stance. Designed meticulously by Dmitriy Evans, this typeface comes with a nifty trick - quick access to alternatives! By simply adding a "-" or "_" to a letter in most applications, you can instantly unlock an alternate character. Crafted with clean lines, precise kerning, and utilizing the robust capabilities of open type, "Orange Voyage" promises to be a standout in any design project. For those curious souls, it's available as a demo font, free for personal use.

13. Vodan by Pentagoni Studio

Introducing "Vodan", a classic stencil serif that beautifully merges the refined grace of elegant serif typefaces. Crafted with precision by Pentagoni Studio, Vodan is a testament to timeless design and sophistication. Ideal for projects that seek a touch of classic elegance with a contemporary edge, this font is a must-have in every designer's collection. And for those eager to experiment, Vodan is available as a demo font, free for personal use.

14. Arsenica by Zetafonts

Conceived by Francesco Canovaro and team, "Arsenica" is a versatile serif inspired by early 20th-century Italian poster designs. From nostalgic "Arsenica Antiqua" to the contemporary "Arsenica Alternate", this expansive font boasts 41 weights and over 900 glyphs. Merging Old Style, Art Nouveau, and Deco elements, it's a typographic gem compatible with 200+ languages. Available free for personal use.

15. Zagora by Riyadah Rahman

Embodying modern aesthetics with clean simplicity, "Zagora" stands out as a quintessential font for today's designs. From branding and logos to social media and stationery, its sleek lines promise versatility. Whether you're crafting wedding invites, product labels, or captivating ads, Zagora lends a fresh, contemporary flair to any creation. Available for personal use, it's the go-to for projects requiring a minimalist yet impactful touch.

16. Bochan Serif by HansCo

A synthesis of modern elegance with a distinct feminine touch. Crafted with precision by HansCo, this font effortlessly elevates any design, making it an essential choice for projects desiring a contemporary yet graceful vibe. Whether you're curating a brand identity or creating personalized art pieces, Bochan Serif promises to add a sprinkle of sophistication. It's available free for personal endeavors.

17. Brand by sajjadhussain

A font characterized by its 'swoopy' elegance. Designed with artful curves and fluidity, it's perfect for projects seeking a dash of grace and sophistication. Ideal for logos, invitations, and branding endeavors where charm and refinement are paramount. Unveil the elegance in every stroke with "Brand".

18. Brandey by Sign Studio

A serif font steeped in classic elegance. With an array of ligatures, alternates, and other opentype features like stylistic sets and swashes, designers can customize to their heart's content. Whether it's for branding, packaging, headlines, or editorial design, Brandey delivers versatility and sophistication. Take note, this beauty is reserved for personal use only, ensuring your creations are uniquely distinguished.

19. Equil by Shaped Fonts

A dynamic serif font sprinkled with optional stencils. Its varied alternates let you craft designs that truly stand out, giving each piece its own special signature. Whether you're conceptualizing logos, finessing headlines, or evolving your branding, Equil is the versatile choice to elevate your design game. Even better? It's free for both personal and commercial endeavors.

20. Ethereal by Kereatype Studio

A modern serif that boasts 9 distinct weights and effortlessly blends fashionable flair with a touch of sexy style. Drawing from hands-on graphic design experience and frequent requests for uniquely elegant logos, this font was crafted with branding in mind. "Ethereal" is your gateway to creating logos that are not only unique and elegant but exude a timeless class. Remember, it's a gem for personal projects!

21. Evoria by Pentagoni Studio

An embodiment of modern elegance inspired by the nuances of stylish serif. This font dances between contemporary aesthetics and classic flair, crafting designs that resonate with sophistication. Perfect for those moments when you need to infuse a touch of modern charm into your work. While it's a stunner, remember, "Evoria" graces personal projects with its beauty for free.

22. Jordan by Storytype Studio

A distinct blend of modern and classic serif styles. Crafted by the artisans at Storytype, this typeface exudes a contemporary flair yet keeps its classic roots. Ideal for crafting elegant logos, stunning book or movie titles, fashion branding, and so much more. When you're aiming for luxe and sophistication, Jordan is your go-to. Just a reminder, it's free for those personal passion projects!

23. Larissa by Graphicxell

A sleek ligature typeface that draws inspiration from minimalist logos we've all come to admire. Crafted with precision, its stylish ligatures are the essence of modern design aesthetics. Whether you're conceptualizing templates, brochures, brand advertising, logos, or diving into video graphics, Larissa promises to deliver that refined touch. For those personal projects, dive in, it's on the house!

24. Laviossa by Jehoo Creative

Dive into the world of "Laviossa” — it's absolutely FREE! It spans across 5 weight variations - Thin, Regular, Medium, Semi-bold, and Bold, making sure your designs always pop. Interested in the full spectrum? Check out the link below to explore all the weights.

25. Magazine by Vladimir Nikolic

A sleek serif font meticulously handcrafted for those pristine finishes. Thinking of giving your logos, branding, or social media that extra oomph? Or perhaps you're diving into some DIY craftiness? Either way, "Magazine" is your go-to. And the cherry on top? It's free for personal use!

26. Magisho by Storytype Studio

A serif typeface that exudes a unique style with a contemporary flair. Ideal for that elegant logo, captivating book or movie title, chic fashion brand, standout magazine layout, bespoke clothing tags, poetic letterings, impactful quotes, and beyond. Dive into elegance — and remember, it's free for personal use!

27. Night by vilosign

A contemporary blend of script and serif. This elegant and stylish duo is perfect for giving your projects a timeless yet modern touch. The Night font comes with an italic style and multilingual support, enhancing its versatility. Paired with the Jolly font, it delivers an impeccable combination that's ideal for branding, magazines, fashion, quotes, logos, and more. Remember, this beautiful typeface is free for personal use!

28. Optimus Princeps by Manfred Klein

A distinct typeface with Grecian undertones and an ancient ambiance. Crafted meticulously to capture the spirit of time-worn scriptures and classical inscriptions, this font evokes the rich history and lore of ancient Greece. Its unique characters are reminiscent of age-old stone carvings, making it an ideal choice for projects that aim to channel an antiquated, historical aesthetic. Whether used for book titles, historical documents, or themed branding, this font offers a deep dive into the past.

29. Sinoreta by Mans Greback

The Sinoreta font family includes four distinct styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. Beyond its elegant design, Sinoreta offers advanced OpenType features, ensuring versatile customization with stylistic and contextual alternates, ligatures, and more. With comprehensive support for all Latin-based languages, Sinoreta ensures that you have access to every character and symbol required for your creative endeavors.

30. Sultan by Riyadh Rahman

"SULTAN" is a vintage-inspired serif font with a modern twist, showcasing minimalist decorative elements. With special uppercase letters and alternate characters, it's designed for a diverse range of applications. Offering multilingual support, "SULTAN" is ideal for logos, branding, t-shirts, mockups, and any project seeking a touch of vintage charm.

31. Universal Serif by Khiam Mincey

"Universal Serif" channels the essence of the widely recognized Universal font, drawing inspiration from the classic Copperplate Gothic. A harmonious blend of timeless design and modern sensibilities, this typeface is ideal for those seeking a familiar yet unique typographical experience.

32. Wensley by creativetacos

Presenting a pristine and minimalist typeface, designed for clarity and simplicity. Perfect for projects that require a straightforward and unembellished touch, this font is the epitome of clean design. It’s free for personal use.

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