🚨 7 NEW Canva features announced this week..

PLUS: Adobe Lightroom gets a huge overhaul

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This week’s new tools, tutorials, and resources 👇️ 

  • ViewStats: A YouTube analytics tool by the team behind Mr. Beast.

  • Domo AI: How to turn yourself into a Lofi Girl/Boy (tutorial)

  • Creator’s Toolbox: 100% royalty-free music (new songs added daily).

  • Squoosh: An image compression website too;.

  • Animock: Create 3D mockup images and movies on your iPad

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🚨 7+ NEW Canva Features Announced This Week!

This week, Canva hosted its annual “Canva Create” event, where it announced new features.

Besides some “quality-of-life improvements” like a re-designed home page and shortcuts, we saw some big changes announced.

1) Canva Courses

Canva Courses is a new tool that allows users to create interactive, sequenced lessons from Canva designs, assign courses, and track progress through a central dashboard.

2) Canva Work Kits

Canva Work Kits, now available on the Canva Marketplace, offer specialized templates and resources for specific professions, including Sales, Marketing, HR, and Creative teams.

3) Bulk create custom designs

You can now speed up your workflow with Canva's Bulk Create feature.

This feature allows you to quickly update images, text, and graphics across multiple designs with data from a CSV or Excel file.

4) Text-to-graphic tool

With Magic Media's new Text-to-Graphic feature, you can create unique graphics, such as icons, stickers, or illustrations, with just a description.

5) AI-powered “Highlights” tool

Canva’s new video editor introduces AI-powered features to create and edit engaging videos.

The Highlights tool captures key moments to generate short, snappy clips ideal for social media content.

6) AI-powered “Magic Grab” tool

Canva’s new AI-powered photo editor simplifies complex edits.

With Magic Grab, you can select, move, remove, or replace any element in your photo, similar to editing a Canva template.

7) New “Enhance Voice” tool

You can now remove background noise with one click using the new Enhance Voice tool.


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📸 Adobe Lightroom Gets New AI Features

In the newest version of Adobe Lightroom (on desktop, iOS, and Android), we got a whole new suite of features.

  • Generative Remove: You can now erase unwanted objects and imperfections in your photos, even on complex backgrounds, with this new tool (it’s called the “Remove Tool on mobile).

  • Lens Blur Tool: You can now add blur and bokeh effects to your photos with this new tool.

  • Curve controls for video (Desktop only): You can now edit videos in Lightroom using the Curve tones to achieve crisp and consistent editing results.

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Autodesk acquired Wonder Dynamics, developers of Wonder Studio, a cloud-based AI tool for creating 3D characters in live-action scenes.

  • Opus Clip released a new, powerful, and intuitive video editor.

  • Womp released Primfusion v0, which allows you to convert 3D meshes, scans, and high-poly models into editable objects easily in Womp.

  • Pixelmator Pro has a new update (version 3.6) that introduces new masking features, AI-powered background masks, vector masks, canvas controls, and more.

  • Framer’s newest update brings new quality-of-life improvements, including “Stack” sizing defaults, a Breakpoint Switcher in the Preview, new Padding and Radius Variables, Text Stroke, Text Masking, and more.

  • Suno announced that v3.5 is now available to Pro and Premier members — this version allows you to generate up to 4-minute songs.

  • TikTok released a brand new TikTok Studio, “a new comprehensive creation and management platform for creators.”

  • Affinity launched version 2.5, which includes variable font support, QR code, stroke width tools, and more.

  • KREA AI’s new AI video tool is now available in open beta.

  • Figma files now load 33% faster, with 33% fewer memory issues.

  • Adobe announced that Adobe apps are coming to Microsoft’s new Copilot + PCs.

  • Suno released new features, including custom image generation, public song search, the ability to follow other creators, and more.

  • ElevenLabs’ new “Audio Native” feature now supports 29 languages — it allows you to add narration to any blog or website with AI voices.

  • Spotify released a new in-house font called “Spotify Mix.”

  • Affinity is partnering with Qualcomm and Microsoft to bring the Affinity suite to the latest Snapdragon x Elite ARM64 PC chips.

  • Snapchat AR lenses are now compatible to use with Google Chrome.

  • Calvary released a new update (v2.1) that includes features like audio export, multi-track audio playback, and more.

  • YouTube released a new update that provides timestamps and comments to help creators understand why a video was demonetized.

  • Suno raised $125 million to continue to build its AI audio platform.

  • Adobe MAX 2024 registration in Miami is now open

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