Canva's AI-Powered Design Studio Set to Automate Creative Tasks

Unveiling a New Suite of Advanced Design Tools


In an era where the fusion of technology and creativity is continually redefining the boundaries of design, Canva has launched a revolutionary product—Magic Studio. This new suite, unveiled on October 4, 2023, aims to bridge the gap between professional and casual designers, offering an intuitive platform to explore, create, and innovate.

Marking its 10th anniversary, Canva chose this momentous occasion to introduce Magic Studio to the world. This release is not just a reflection of Canva's journey over the last decade, but a glimpse into a future where design is more accessible and engaging. Magic Studio, as one of Canva’s biggest product launches, signifies a milestone in its mission to empower everyone to design anything, effortlessly​.

Harnessing the Power of AI: A Suite of Advanced Tools

At the heart of Magic Studio is a collection of 10+ AI-powered tools, each crafted to provide a seamless design experience. These tools cater to a diverse audience, ranging from businesses seeking to enhance their digital presence to individuals exploring the creative dimensions of digital design. Magic Studio's offerings stand as a testimony to Canva's dedication to improving user experience and democratizing design​.

  • Text to Video

  • Text to Image

  • Magic Expand

  • Magic Grab

  • Magic Edit

  • Magic Eraser

  • Background Remover

  • Magic Animate

  • Magic Morph

  • Magic Write™

Venturing into Generative Video: Expanding Horizons

Magic Studio goes beyond static design tools; it ventures into the realm of generative video with Runway, showcasing Canva’s ambition to stretch its AI capabilities further. This addition marks a significant stride towards meeting the evolving demands of interactive design in the digital era, promising a more dynamic and engaging user experience.

Celebrating a Milestone with a Vision for the Future

The launch of Magic Studio is more than a celebration of Canva's 10th anniversary; it's a vision of a more collaborative and creative future in the digital design industry. By reimagining the design process, Canva is not only enhancing the current user experience but also laying the foundation for a future where creativity is unbounded by technical expertise.


Magic Studio by Canva is not merely a set of new tools; it's a vision brought to life. By bridging the technical and creative worlds, Canva is setting a precedent for the future of digital design. As the Magic Studio opens its doors, it invites a new era of creativity, one where the power of AI propels the imaginative spirit, promising a landscape rich with possibility and

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