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PLUS: Generate Videos from Lyrics, NEW Roblox Studio Features, and more.

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In todays issue, we have something for everyone: AI avatars, a lyric-to-video generator for musicians, and Roblox Studio (what?).

This weeks new finds (free tools & assets):

  • Iconoir: A 1,500+ free icon library.

  • Pipio: Translate videos while retaining the original voice and matching the speakers lip movements in the new language.

  • Dora: Create a website with AI with text prompts.

  • Beautiful Things: Turn text & images into 3D for Apple Vision Pro.

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Musicxmatch Partners with Runway, Generate Videos from Lyrics


Musixmatch and Runway are collaborating to bring AI-driven video creation to Musixmatch's artist community, enabling them to transform song lyrics into engaging videos.

Musixmatch helps users access song lyrics on different music platforms. It shows synchronized lyrics in real-time while the song is playing, making it easier for users to understand the words and sing along correctly.

Musixmatch x Spotify

Meanwhile, Runway is one of the most popular AI video-generation tools, allowing users to generate videos from text prompts.

With this collaboration, Muxiscmatch Pro is now powered by Runways technology.

New, free music every single day.

We created a YouTube channel that uploads royalty-free (non-copyright) music daily. These songs are 100% free for both personal & commercial use.

Were trying to get monetize so if you can drop a subscribe and watch some videos, thatd be appreciated.

The New HeyGen 5.0, the next-generation video platform

HeyGen is a video platform that enables you to create product demos, educational videos, marketing ads, and other content with AI.

They are most known for their AI Avatars feature, where you can create an AI clone of yourself, mimicking your appearance and voice (and even dubbing your voice in different languages ).

They just released the following updates:

Streaming Avatar

1) The new Streaming Avatar feature allows you to integrate customizable AI avatars into live streams and live chats.

You can share a link to this Streaming Avatar or embed it into your website or application.

In the example above, a question is being asked, What are you?, and the AI avatar replies, I am a demo streaming avatar designed to assist with any questions you may have.

Everything you see and hear from the avatar is AI-generated.

Personalized Video

2) HeyGen recently enhanced its "Personalized Video" feature.

You now have the ability to choose a template, input a script, and upload your contact list.

HeyGen will then use your AI avatar videos in bulk, personalize them (e.g., with the names of contacts), and distribute them to your contacts in bulk.

New AI Studio dashboard

3) HeyGen also made a small update to its AI Studio, adding the ability to manage multiple tracks at once.

HeyGen has a free plan that allows you to generate your first AI creation for free (plus choose from 60+ AI avatars and 300+ voices).

Roblox Releases New AI Tools, Creators Make Money from Making Assets

Roblox Studio

The popular game Roblox is launching two new AI features to speed up avatar and 3D model creation. The company wants to make it easier for creators on its platform to set up and add textures to their work.

Roblox enables creators to monetize by developing & selling assets, experiences, and avatar items, and more for the game through the Creator Store.

Annual developer and creator cash payout on Roblox from 2018 to 2023 (per Statista)

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The "Avatar Auto Setup" feature automates the transformation of 3D meshes into animated avatars, reducing a process that could take days to just minutes.

This includes swiftly rigging, caging, segmenting, and skinning avatars, preparing them for preview and eventual release. This enables creators to quickly produce avatars ready for interaction within the Roblox environment.

Avatar Auto Setup

The "Texture Generator" allows for the rapid application of textures to 3D models using text prompts, facilitating the quick design of varied appearances for objects.

This tool drastically reduces the time needed to create texture models, enabling the creation of multiple versions of an object in different textures or colors within seconds, a task that traditionally required extensive manual effort.

Texture Generator

Avatar Auto-Setup is currently in alpha testing, while Texture Generator has entered public beta and is accessible through Roblox Studio.

Other news you mightve missed

  • YouTube now requires creators to disclose content made with AI.

  • Skillshare acquired Superpeer, a tool for online course creators.

  • Runway is partnering with Musixmatch for artists to easily create videos from their lyrics.

  • Roblox has new AI features that will make it easier to create avatars and 3D objects.

  • Logitech released a new 4K wireless streaming camera for creators.

  • Common Sense Machines released a free image-to-3D model.

  • Figma announced Config, a conference for people who build products.

  • Framer announced a special event taking place on April 10.

  • Stability AI released a new generative model for 3D.

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