🤖 Descript’s NEW AI-Powered Editing Assistant

PLUS: Adobe is stealing your work (?), "Animated Gradients" by Jitter, and more.

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This week’s new tools, tutorials, and resources 👇️ 

  • Adobe Color: Generate stunning color palettes and combinations.

  • And Repeat: A font that is composed entirely of colored circles.

  • Bordly: Create a brand guidelines & identities.

  • TouchRetouch: An object removal & photo eraser tool for Mac.

  • Creator’s Toolbox: 100% royalty-free music (new songs added daily).

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🤖 Descript’s New AI Editing Assistant: “Underlord”

This week, Descript released “Underlord,” a new AI-editing assistant that acts as a creative sidekick and offers time-saving shortcuts, helpful suggestions, and brainstorming support.

  • Simply open Underlord, type a custom prompt, and click "Ask" or press Enter.

  • Once a response is generated, you can choose various actions.

OR, choose from the actions in the Underload toolbar.

Here are some of the actions Underlord can do:

  • 🎙️ Studio Sound — Make your audio sound more professional.

  • 🗣️ Remove filler words — Remove ums, uhs, and other filler words.

  • 🙅‍♂️ Remove retakes — Have AI remove all of your repeated takes.

  • ✂️ Shorten word gaps — Trim all the gaps between words to make your content snappy.

  •  Add chapters - Have AI automatically add helpful chapter titles and markers to your project.

  • 👀 Eye Contact (Beta) — Automatic eye contact to keep your peepers focused on the camera (even if you’re reading from a script.

  • 👤 Center active speaker (Beta) — Keeps the camera centered on the current speaker.

  • 🟩 Green screen — Automatic background replacement even if you don’t have a physical green screen.

  • 🎥 Automatic multicam — Assign multicam settings by active speaker with a single click.

  • 📸 Generate an image — Image generation powered by DALL-E.

  • 📹 Create clips — Find the best moments and automatically apply templates and layouts.

  • 🍿 Create highlight reel — Compile the best moments that tell the story of your project and apply templates for quick creation of vertical videos.

  • 🔎 Find highlights — Find all the best bits that represent the through line of your content.

  • 🔄 Translate Captions (Beta) — Translates your captions into any supported language for Export and Publishing.

And there’s even more than that!


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🥴 Adobe’s Controversial Terms of Service

📸 9to5Mac

This week, Adobe updated its Terms of Service, saying it could access user content through automated and manual methods to improve services, detect fraud, and handle support requests.

We may access your content through both automated and manual methods, such as for content review.

Users were furious online because they feared Adobe could view and use their work, including sensitive projects under NDAs, to train AI models without permission.

This raised concerns about privacy and potential breaches of client agreements 👇️ 

Adobe later clarified that it doesn't use customer content to train AI and promised to fix the unclear wording in the terms.

They assured users that their content stored on personal devices is not accessed, only content related to support and service improvements.

🎨 Jitter Releases “Animated Gradients” Feature

In Jitter, you can now animate your gradients by selecting your layer and adding a “Color” animation in the animation menu.

You can also animate properties like color stops and gradient position and adjust the duration and easing of your transitions.

This is how easy it is:

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Procreate Dreams won an Apple Design Award for Innovation.

  • Midjourney released a small update for Niji V6 (its model for Anime & Eastern aesthetics) that improves Japanese and Chinese character rending.

  • Affinity is running a flash sale — Designer, Photo, Publisher, and all add-ons are 50% off.

  • Arcads announced its next-gen “AI avatars” in a new demo video.

  • Pika, an AI video platform, raised $80 million “so anyone can make video on command.”

  • Jitter released a new update that allows you to animate gradients.

  • Riveo added new face and beat-aware templates to its app.

  • Figma made a decision to associate Drafts with teams rather than individuals, sparking controversy among users.

  • Riverside.FM released “VideoDub” allowing you to correct your audio (transcript), using AI to make it look and sound like you.

  • Photomator and Pixelmator Pro added support for RAW formats from over 30 new camera models.

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