💪 After Effects gets a MAJOR Update

PLUS: Google's AI Video Model, Figma Updates, and more.

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This week’s new tools, resources, and assets 👇️ 

  • Fluidmotion: Create free backgrounds for your videos (no watermarks or sign-up required).

  • SVG Grabber: Grab SVGs from any website on the internet.

  • AI Jukebox: Create a song with AI directly in your browser.

  • Craft.do: Create beautiful word documents.

  • beehiiv: A newsletter platform built for growth (it’s what we use!)

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💻️ After Effects Gets a MAJOR Update (33 New Presets)

The latest version of Adobe After Effects Beta (24.5.0) has unlocked some huge features.

Most notably, there are 30+ new presets for numbers, shapes, backgrounds, and more.

We’re going to list every single one… and what they do.

🖼️  Backgrounds

  • Anime Radial: Create anime-inspired radial backgrounds

  • Anime Speed Lines: The classic speed lines for bringing energy and momentum

💭 Behaviors

  • Random Colors: Creates animated random variations of a selected color

  • Random On-Off: Toggle layers Opacity on and off randomly

  • Random Whole Numbers: Generate random whole numbers within a custom range

  • Wave Value Generator: Quickly creating looping motion driven by sine waves, triangle waves, and more

💬 Dynamic Text Boxes

  • 2D Text Box (Shape): Creates a rigged Shape layer with controls to point at a Text layer for dynamic resizing and animation

  • 2D Text Box (Mask & Effects): Apply directly to a Text layer for the same dynamic Text box using a single layer

▭ Dynamic Frames

  • Bounding Box: Highlight important content within a bounding box

  • Crinkle Cut Sticker: Add a crinkle effect to your frames

  • Postage Stamp: Frame your content like a postage stamp

  • Scalloped Frame: Create elegant scalloped edges for images and videos

🎥 Transitions

  • Inky Dissolve: Transition between clips using an inky dissolve

  • Inky Iris Wipe: Reveal content using an organic iris wipe

  • Inky Linear Wipe: An organic wipe across the frame

  • Pixelated Dissolve: Pixelate your footage as it dissolves

  • Pixelated Iris Wipe: Combine pixelation and iris wipe

  • Pixelated Linear Wipe: Linear wipe with pixelation

⏱️ Monospaced Number Counters

  • Counter Countdown Monospaced: No more jumpy counters! Works with any typeface. Includes formatting for commas and more

  • Currency Counter Monospaced: Animate currency values in standard formats for various currencies

  • Percentage Counter Monospaced: Fully formatted percentage values

  • Timer Countdown Monospaced: Countdown timers made easy! From minutes up to days 

🔴 Shape Elements

  • Switchable Cursor Element: Extremely useful for mocking up desktop UI interactions

  • Vintage Star: Add some retro charm with vintage star shapes

💿️ Synthetics

  • CD Back: Simulate the look of a CD surface

  • Chip Foil: Achieve animated metallic foil textures

  • Holographic Foil: Create mesmerizing holographic effects, great for Text layers

  • Topographic Lines: Overlay and animate topographic lines

#️⃣ Utilities

  • Separate XYZ Scale: Independently animate along the X, Y, and Z axes

  • Magnify & Preserve Alpha: Keep the existing alpha of any layer while applying the Magnify effect

📊 Infographics

  • Bar Graph: Visualize data with bar graphs, driven by Sliders in the Effect Controls

  • Line Graph: Plot data points easily with line graphs

  • Radial Graph: Present your data in a circular format, rigged and ready for animation


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🤖 Google Teases New AI Video Model “Veo,” 60+ Second HD Videos

This week, Google unveiled a new AI video model, Veo, at its annual “I/O” developer conference.

  • Veo can generate high-quality 1080p videos over a minute using text, image, or video prompts.

  • Understands cinematic terms and creates consistent, coherent videos with realistic movement.

  • Initially, select filmmakers and creators will test Veo, with some features available soon in VideoFX and YouTube Shorts.

Veo follows previous Google models like Phenaki, Imagen Video, and Lumiere. It's designed to compete with OpenAI's Sora, which will be available to the public later this year and may integrate with video editing tools.

Google aims to refine Veo based on feedback from the creative community.

🎨 Figma Releases Page Organization Improvement, ChromeOS, and more

This week, we got three small updates to Figma:

  • Figma for ChromeOS: You can now install the app on ChromeOS devices for quick access, creating new files, and opening multiple files in tabs.

  • Page Organization Improvements: You can now create dividers between pages by naming them with hyphens, dashes, asterisks, or spaces.

  • Bulk Actions for Pages: You can select multiple pages for deletion, renaming, and reordering by holding CMD/CTRL. You can use the new shortcuts: 'esc' to deselect all pages and 'cmd+r' to open the batch renaming panel.

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro released a new update (24.4) that includes AI-powered audio improvements, automatic tagging, interactive fade handles, new badges, and more.

  • Tella is releasing “Tella Premium,” which includes features such as custom branding, domains, and analytics.

  • Photomator’s new update (3.3.13) has a new export feature on Mac.

  • Midjourney is testing a new “private creation rooms” feature on its website — available for all Midjourney users who’ve created 100+ images.

  • ElevenLabs released “Audio Native,” an embeddable audio player that automatically narrates your blog or news site.

  • Raycast launched a new extension that supports AI image generation.

  • Figma is running its next Config 2024 event in Singapore on July 2nd.

  • Fable can now export videos 5x faster.

  • CleanShot’s newest update includes a new resize tool, smart highlighter, and more.

  • YouTube and Google DeepMind have been working on “Music AI Sandbox,” a suite of AI tools for musicians.

  • OpenAI is building a tool to allow content creators to opt out of using their content in training models.

  • Fable released “Team Templates,” a fast way to ship project variations without losing design consistency.

  • Dingboard founder tried to sell the tool to X (formerly known as Twitter), but was instead offered a job at X.

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