🎵 ElevenLabs launches "Text to Sound Effects"

PLUS: AI video enhancing, a NEW cinematic camera app, and more.

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This week’s new tools, tutorials, and resources 👇️ 

  • WhatFont: A free tool for identifying fonts on any web page.

  • Toon Crafter: Create your own animated cartoon character (Tutorial).

  • Web to Figma: Capture pages and components and import sthem into Figma as editable designs.

  • Templater Rig: Render multiple After Effects compositions from a spreadsheet (Tutorial).

  • Firefly Creative Hub: Advanced Adobe Firefly tutorial videos.

  • Creator’s Toolbox: 100% royalty-free music (new songs added daily).

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🎵 ElevenLabs releases Text to Sound Effects: Generate any sound effect instantly

ElevenLabs just announced “Text to Sound Effects,” an AI audio tool that can generate sound effects, short instrumental tracks, soundscapes, and various character voices, all from a simple text prompt.

This feature was released as a collaboration with Shutterstock, who provided licensed tracks to aid in the AI model’s creation.

Here’s how easy it is to create a sound effect 👇️ 

  • Login and head to Sound Effects

  • Describe the sound you want to create

  • Click “generate.”

  • Review samples and download the best results.

The feature is now available to all users.


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📹️ KREA AI releases “Video Enhance” — Upscale videos up to 1.5K resolution & 30fps

KREA AI, an AI creation platform, just released a new tool that allows you to enhance your videos up to 1.5K resolution and 30fps.

This tool is currently available in beta for Max users, but is expected to open up to other users in the future.

Here’s an example of the Video Enhance tool in action 👇️ 

📱 The ultimate cinematic camera app for iPhone just released

Kino’s “Instant Grade” presets (📸 Lux)

Lux, known for its popular Halide app, is launching Kino, a video app for iPhones, focusing on the iPhone 15 Pro’s ProRes videos encoded in Log format (ideal for advanced color grading).

Kino uniquely offers features like "Instant Grade" presets, allowing users to shoot and preview footage with grade presets, and "AutoMotion," which selects the best exposure settings for cinematic motion blur.

It also supports adding LUTs, including custom ones, a feature absent in Apple's Final Cut Pro for iPad.

“Instant Grade” presets in Kino (before & after)

The app is currently available for $19.99, and is compatible with iPhone 15 Pro and devices running iOS 17 or higher.

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Framer now supports AVIF files and automatically optimizes images (up to 50% smaller than .JPEG and even .WebP).

  • Suno v3.5 is now available to all users — allowing you to create 4-minute songs, create 2-minute song extensions, and more.

  • Suno is paying $1 million to top Suno creators in 2024.

  • Figma now supports typography variable scoping, improved copying/pasting mechanics for local variables, and more.

  • Viewstats Pro, a tool created by Mr. Beast, is now available to the public.

  • Lottielab Livelink CDN is now live, allowing you to publish optimized animations to your site or app in 1-click.

  • Bezi released the “Bezi Performance Panel,” a tool to help designers develop optimized experiences for different types of devices.

  • Higgsfield AI launched a new advanced creative video model called “NOVA-1.”

  • Framer now supports deferred keyframe resolution, making animations 2.5× faster for DOM reads and 6× faster for value type conversions, with optimizations for smoother animations.

  • Tella released new AI features including buffers, filler words removal, and transcript editing.

  • Figma now allows you to use the Figma mobile app to edit file permissions.

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