🎨 Figma releases AI features

PLUS: Magnific's NEW "Relight" feature, Captions releases "AI Edit," and more.

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🎨 Figma’s NEW AI Features, UI, and Slideshow Tool Announced at “Config 2024”

This week, Figma released major updates at their annual “Config” event, including Figma AI, UI3, and Figma Slides, along with enhancements to Dev Mode and other features.

Here is a quick recap of what’s now possible with Figma AI:

Generate drafts with AI 🪄 

You can now enter a text prompt to create various styles and layouts for your design ideas.

Visual Search 🔍️ 

You can now use “Visual Search” to find exact or similar designs within your organization from a frame, image, screenshot, or sketch.

Wireframe prototypes instantly 📱

You can now click "Make Prototype" to instantly convert your static mockups into an interactive prototype.

Rename layers automatically 💬

With one click, you can now rename and organize all layers based on their context.


In addition to Figma AI, they released the following updates:

  • 🎨 UI3 — Figma redesigned its interface with a more immersive canvas, component-centered UI, and new icon set.

  • 📊 Figma Slides — Figma released a new slideshow tool that integrates Figma’s design capabilities for building, collaborating, and presenting decks.

  • 🔧 Dev Mode Updates — There is improved support for iterative design processes with new views like Ready for “Dev View” and “Focus View,” as well as “Code Connect” for better design and code integration.

Figma AI and UI3 are currently in limited beta and will be rolling out gradually.

You can join the beta directly from Figma navigating to the bottom of the screen, click on the "?" and select Join UI3 + AI waitlist.

🆕 Magnific Releases “Relight,” Change the Background and Lighting of Any Scene

📸 @Diesol

Magnific AI, an AI image upscale tool, just released a “Relight” feature that lets you change the lighting & background in your photos to match any scene.

This feature works great for both portraits and product photos, making them look good in any lighting.

You can even use Magnific in Photoshop for even better results.

Here are a few examples:

📹️ Captions released “AI Edit” — select your style and AI edits your video

This week, the popular Captions app released a new feature called “AI Edit,” an AI that will edit videos for you in your desired style.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select your desired style (e.g., impact, cinematic, paper)

  2. “AI Edit” will add custom graphics, B-roll, transitions, and zooms.

  3. That’s it.

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • ElevenLabs partnered with TIME to introduce automated voiceovers on their site.

  • Framer released 20 new features, improvements, and bug fixes, including the new '“Text Balance” property, alphabetical sorting for Pages and Folders, and color animation between solids and gradients.

  • Toys”R”Us released the first AI-generated commercial using Open AI’s “Sora.”

  • beehiiv acquired an AI website builder, Typedream.

  • Notion teased a new “Charts” feature that will be coming out later this year.

  • udio released a feature that allows you to earn credits by rating songs.

  • Luma AI released “Keyframes” for Dream Machine, allowing you to create start and end keyframes for your AI-generated videos.

  • Adobe employee leaves and joins Procreate as its new “Brush Developer.”

  • Notion released “Notion Sites,” a way to turn notion pages into websites with the ability to connect to a custom domain.

  • Framer announced they will be launching a brand new marketplace in July.

  • Canva released the “Canva Teacher Certification,” a course for educators teaching students how to use Canva.

  • Fable released 4 new features: Chrome Key, Luma Key, Selective Desaturation, and Luma Mask.

  • Blackmagic released a “Blackmagic Camera” app for Android users.

  • Screen Studio teased new updates, including new selfie camera layouts, cursor types, playback speed settings, and faster exports.

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