😱 The first ever A.I. music video

PLUS: Instagram algorithm update, Adobe Illustrator updates, and more.

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This week’s new tools, resources, and assets 👇️ 

  • Cool Shapes: 100+ free abstract grainy shapes.

  • Relume: Design & build websites faster with A.I.

  • Flair.ai: An A.I. design tool for product photoshoots.

  • DeArrow: A browser extension that removes clickbait from YouTube thumbnails and titles.

  • Figma 101 Course: A free, comprehensive Figma course by @mds.

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📹️ The first ever A.I. music video created with OpenAI “Sora”

Clips from “The Hardest Part” music video

The first-ever commissioned music video made with OpenAI’s “Sora” was released this week.

The video was made for Washed Out's single "The Hardest Part" and is the first significant collaboration between a music artist, filmmaker, and OpenAI's Sora text-to-video generator.

This video used 55 clips selected from 700 generated by Sora.

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🔥 Adobe Illustrator’s Newest Updates — Relinking, Sorting, and More

This week, we got three new enhancements to Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Relink missing files automatically: If you reattach a missing file to your Illustrator project, the program will automatically search for and reattach other missing files in the same folder.

    This is similar to how relinking works in Adobe Premiere Pro.

  2. Sort linked files by size: You can now organize linked and embedded files by their size, either from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.

  3. Move Illustrator files between systems seamlessly: When you move your Illustrator project to a new place (like a different folder or computer), the files will still work together correctly, as long as you keep them organized in the same way.

    This means you can move your project around without messing up the connections between files.

📈 Instagram’s New Algorithm… Good News for Smaller Creators

How original content will be credited

Instagram is changing its algorithm to focus on original content and reduce reused content. Accounts that constantly repost content without adding anything new will be demoted in recommendations.

These are the changes that are coming:

  • A new ranking system will give small creators more reach.

  • Original content will be prioritized over reposted content in recommendations.

  • Labels will be added to reposted content, linking to the original creator.

  • Content aggregators (accounts that reposted content) will be removed from recommendations.

How recommendations will work

The platform will remove reposted content from recommendations if an account shares unoriginal content more than ten times in 30 days.

Affected accounts can regain eligibility for recommendations after 30 days.

This change aims to help smaller accounts get discovered and will roll out in the coming months.

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📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Clipdrop released “Uncrop V2,” an AI-powered tool for extending images seamlessly.

  • HeyGen released “Instant Highlights 1.0” — create AI-generated highlights for any video.

  • Restream released a new layout in Studio 2.0.

  • Affinity 2.5 (beta) now has variable font support.

  • Cubby, an A.I. research tool for “any content tool from the internet,” is starting to give out invites.

  • Fable released a new “Luma Influence” to its "Prism" feature that allows you to control generations with color and contrast.

  • Canva’s “Magic Write” feature is faster, and you can regenerate text without losing your prompt.

  • Womp, a free 3D design tool, is now officially in beta.

  • Unsplash+ subscriptions now include access to illustrations.

  • Midjourney Alpha is now available to anyone who has previously generated 100 or more images on Midjourney (via Discord).

  • Rive released “Randomization,” allowing you to randomize transitions between animations and the probability of animations.

  • Midjourney is testing a “Rooms” feature reminiscent of a Discord server.

  • Apple released nine new design templates for Figma.

  • Canva now allows you to translate text in templates.

  • Affinity released a new “Line Width Tool” in version 2.5 (beta).

  • Figma now supports “Split Tabs” in its Desktop app — work in the same file side by side.

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