How to Make a Triangle in Adobe Illustrator: A Simple Guide

Crafting Perfect Triangles: Tips & Tricks for Illustrator Users

Creating basic shapes like triangles in Adobe Illustrator is a fundamental skill that can be applied to various design projects. Whether you're crafting logos, icons, or complex illustrations, knowing how to make a triangle efficiently can streamline your workflow.

This blog post will guide you through the easy steps to create triangles in Illustrator, ensuring you have the know-how to incorporate this basic shape into your designs.

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Starting with the Polygon Tool

The most straightforward method to create a triangle in Illustrator is by using the Polygon Tool. This versatile tool can produce various polygons, but with a quick adjustment, it becomes the perfect triangle maker.

1. Select the Polygon Tool

Find the Rectangle Tool (M) in the toolbar on the left. Click and hold it to reveal the hidden tools.

Choose the Polygon Tool from the list that appears.

2. Draw Your Polygon

Click anywhere on your canvas to open the Polygon dialog box. This step allows you to set the exact dimensions of your polygon before drawing it.

To create a triangle, set the number of sides to 3. You can also specify the radius to determine the size of your triangle.

3. Refine and Customize

  • Once your triangle is on the canvas, you can customize it further. Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to adjust the vertices or the stroke and fill options to change their appearance.

Using the Star Tool for More Complex Triangles

For more stylized triangles, like stars or triangles with curved edges, the Star Tool offers additional flexibility.

1. Select the Star Tool

Located under the Rectangle Tool in the toolbar, find and select the Star Tool.

2. Draw a Star

Click and drag on your canvas to draw a star. Initially, it will have more points than needed for a triangle.

3. Change the Number of Points

After selecting the star, click and drag the slider to turn the star into a triangle shape (from “Points: 5” → “Points: 3”)

4. Adjust the Points

First, select the Selection Tool (V), then click and drag a point on your triangle to straighten the sides.

Custom Shapes with the Pen Tool

For those who want ultimate control over their triangle’s shape and angles, the Pen Tool is your go-to option.

1. Select the Pen Tool

Choose the Pen Tool (P) from the toolbar.

2. Draw Three Points

Click three times on the canvas to create the three points of your triangle. Ensure your final click connects to the first point to close the shape.

3. Customize Your Triangle

With the triangle complete, you can adjust its points, angles, and sides using the Direct Selection Tool or apply various fills and strokes to stylize it.


Creating triangles in Adobe Illustrator is a basic yet essential skill that forms the foundation of more complex designs. Whether you prefer the precision of the Polygon Tool, the flexibility of the Star Tool, or the complete control offered by the Pen Tool, Illustrator provides the necessary tools to integrate triangles into your artwork seamlessly.

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