😳 Luma AI Launches “Dream Machine”

PLUS: Create Animations in Seconds, Edit Your Own Songs with AI, and more.

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This week’s new tools, tutorials, and resources 👇️ 

  • Lummi: A free stock image library (Unsplash alternative).

  • Adobe Firefly: How to generate isolated assets for photo compositions (Tutorial).

  • Perspective Grid Generator: Effortlessly create perspective grids in seconds (Figma plugin).

  • UI Colors: Create color palettes and see how they look on different UI assets.

  • Creator’s Toolbox: 100% royalty-free music (new songs added daily).

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📹️ Luma AI Launches “Dream Machine,” A Free Text-to-Video Generator

This week, Luma AI, a San Francisco-based startup known for its 3D model generator “Genie,” has released Dream Machine, a new text-to-video model.

And… unlike many competitors, Dream Machine is free and accessible to everyone.

Dream Machine's accessibility and quality have already drawn comparisons to OpenAI's “Sora,” with some users claiming it surpasses the pioneering model.

Here are some examples of “Dream Machine” in use👇️ 

Turn any image into a video with Dream Machine

Action shots made with Dream Machine

Expressive characters created with Dream Machine

Videos with camera movement made with Dream Machine

🚀 LottieFiles Launches “Motion Copilot,” Create Keyframes & Animations with AI

This week, LottieFiles released “Motion Copilot,” a groundbreaking feature in Lottie Creator that allows users to create animations with simple text prompts.

Simply describe your animation in any language, let AI generate keyframes for the object you select, and chat with the copilot to perfect your animation.

Prompt: “Make a floating head animation which is bouncy and squishy.” (📹 by @yaanteoa)

Here’s how simple it is to use 👇️ 

  1. Launch Lottie Creator: Open the Lottie Creator application.

  2. Open Motion Copilot: Navigate to the sidebar and select Motion Copilot.

  3. Select an Object: Choose the shape or object you want to animate.

  4. Type in a Prompt: Enter a descriptive prompt for the desired animation effect (you can chat with the Motion Copilot to refine the animation).

  5. Apply the Animation: If you are satisfied with the animation, apply it to the selected object or replace existing animations.

  6. Use on Multiple Objects: To apply the same animation to other objects, use the "apply" button on the preview reply.

Here is another example of Motion Copilot in use:

Prompt: “Flicker like a flame on a candle.”

Here are some examples of prompts provided by LottieFiles:

  • “Make the object feel like a loading animation.”

  • “Wobble and change colors a few times before disappearing.”

  • “Bounce 5 times and then get to a halt.”

  • “Surprise me, animate the way you think best for this shape.”

  • “What are the features Lottie Creator supports?”

  • “How do I export a Lottie?"

🎵 Suno and udio Release AI Features to Edit Your Own Songs

Last week, AI music generation platforms Suno and Udio unveiled new features that allow users to edit their own audio inputs and prompt AI to transform them.

Suno introduced the "Audio Input" feature, enabling users to upload or record sounds and turn them into full-fledged songs.

Examples include transforming everyday noises, such as a pencil hitting a table or a dog barking, into creative beats and songs.

Suno's Pro & Premier users can now explore this feature.

udio, on the other hand, launched the "Audio Prompting" feature, showcasing examples of users inputting their own songs and modifying them by changing genres, extending lengths, or adding vocals.

Both platforms emphasize responsible use, with Suno ensuring copyrighted works are blocked from upload and keeping vocal inputs private and unsearchable.

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Canva released a new plan called “Canva Enterprise.”

  • Descript announced a waitlist for its AI video regenerate feature — this feature allows you to regenerate “your AI voice” and sync your lips when you need to make corrections to a video (instead of re-recording).

  • YouTube is rolling out a “Thumbnail Test & Compare” feature that allows you to A/B test up to 3 different thumbnails.

  • Spline’s Apple runtime now has native support for macOS targets without catalyst.

  • Lottielab released “Text and Typography,” allowing you to easily create and edit dynamic text animations in the Lottielab editor.

  • Restream now allows you to add notes to each of your scenes.

  • ElevenLabs is hosting an AI film competition called “Project Odyssey.”

  • Restream reached 8,000,000 million users this month.

  • Suno released a new “Song Radio” feature that allows you to find personalized playlists based on your music preferences.

  • Midjourney released a new “model personalization” feature that allows you to tune the Midjourney algorithm to your taste.

  • KREA AI’s “Video Enhancer” tool is now available to everyone (it was previously available to paid users only).

  • Freepik released “Freepik Retouch” — this tool is available to all Premium users and AI Partners and is described as “the fastest inpainting ever.”

  • Framer is releasing a new feature that enables you to design, arrange, and animate forms with no code.

  • Tella launched the ability to create public playlists — helpful for help docs, online courses, and more.

  • Maxon released “Maxon Studio,” allowing you to create videos with a click of a button inside After Effects.

  • Framer made the ability to add a “Search” function to your Framer website available for free on all plans.

  • Leonardo launched “Phoenix,” its very own foundational AI image model (now in preview for all users).

  • Framer projects can now be optimized to load up to 30% faster.

  • Fable launched ten quality-of-life improvements in May 2024.

  • Pika released an update to its image-to-video AI mode.

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