📱 A new iPhone camera app

PLUS: 5 NEW Canva Updates, udio releases "Audio Inpainting," and more.

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This week’s new tools, resources, and assets 👇️ 

  • Apple Crusher: Crush a group of icons (like in the controversial Apple commercial).

  • Pushkeen.ai: The world’s largest push app notifications library.

  • Magic Pattern: Add a fractal glass effect on any image.

  • Klack: Enable satisfying sounds for every key you type.

  • Svgl: A huge library of company logos in .svg format.

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🤳 Apple released a “Final Cut Camera” app, NEW Final Cut Pro Updates

Final Cut Camera

This week, Apple has the Final Cut Camera app for iPad and iPhone, which adds pro video functionality and connects with the new Final Cut 2's “Multicam” feature.

  • The app allows for manual controls and can be used as a standalone camera app.

  • The app can connect to multiple iPhones or iPads and stream video live to an iPad for a Multicam shoot.

  • Final Cut 2 has a multiscreen view that captures and controls each device connected to it, allowing for easy switching between production and editing.

Apple is also updating Final Cut Pro for iPad, with free updates for existing users.

  • Final Cut Pro will support external projects — allowing users to access and edit projects on external storage

  • Final Cut Pro introduced Live Multicam, which enables simultaneous recording and monitoring of video with up to four devices.

The Mac version of Final Cut Pro will also include a new editing feature, Enhance Light and Color, which improves color balance, contrast, and brightness in one step.

Final Cut Pro for Mac

💬 Final Cut Pro for iPad is $4.99 per month (or $49 per year).

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🎵 udio Releases “Audio Inpainting” Feature, Re-Generate Portions of Music

This week, udio, an AI music generator, launched “Audio Inpainting,” a feature that allows you to edit and refine your audio tracks seamlessly.

With Audio Inpainting, you can select a portion of a track to re-generate based on the surrounding context, making it easy to:

  • Edit lyrics

  • Add new instruments

  • Correct errors

  • Smooth over transitions

The feature is available to subscribers starting today (only on desktop) and has an experimental interface that will continue to be updated over the next few weeks.

Watch the demo with sound 👇️ 

🎨 5 New Canva Features to Level Up Your Work

In April, Canva released 5 updates to its platform, including some cool AI-powered ones!

Sort Whiteboard stickies with a single click 📝

You can now use Canva’s AI-powered “Sort” to easily group sticky notes by color, name, or topic.

Translate your design templates 💬

With Canva’s AI-powered Translate tool, you can now instantly translate entire templates into over 100 languages.

A new-and-improved “Magic Write” tool ✍️ 

Canva recently improved the speed and quality of its “Magic Write” tool, with new custom controls coming soon.

Create an interactive “Bar Chart Race” animation 📊 

Canva has a new “Bar Chart Race” animation that transforms data into engaging, animated visuals, perfect for showcasing changes over time.

Publish a Canva Doc as a website 💻️ 

You know you can publish your Canva Docs as a website. Share information on the go, gather feedback from stakeholders without logins and choose from a free Canva domain or a custom domain for a more memorable URL.

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Windows Photos now has an integration with Microsoft Designer.

  • TikTok will automatically label AI-generated content.

  • Freepik acquired Magnific, a popular image upscale & enhancer tool.

  • Sketch just released the 100th version of its software.

  • Fable launched 10 mini-product updates in April.

  • Webflow and Figma made a strategic investment in LottieFiles.

  • AutoDesk teased its generative AI 3D model called “Project Bernini.”

  • Lottie Files released a new plugin that integrates with Webflow.

  • KREA AI now supports AI video generation.

  • Tubi launched an incubator studio for upcoming filmmakers called “Stubios,” which gives them a chance to have their films produced and launched by Tubi.

  • YT Jobs released 2 new updates for talent: the ability to shorten your profile link and the ability to customize your profile.

  • Affinity released a new QR Code Tool in Affinity 2.5 Beta, allowing you to create any QR Code as a vector object and customize it.

  • Webflow now allows you to compress all images across all CMS collections to WebP in one click.

  • Cubby now allows you to save & download YouTube/podcast clips in seconds.

  • Jitter’s Lottie File exporter has been updated to support all mask animations — this enables full support for mask effects in exports.

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