🪄 Photoshop releases new AI tools

PLUS: Upscale videos with AI, Adobe's 'secret' 3D software, and more.

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Happy Saturday 👋

This week’s new finds:

  • Rotato.app: Create 3D mockup images and videos in minutes. No 3D experience needed.

  • Scribe: Turn any process into a step-by-step guide instantly.

  • Wonder Studio: An AI tool that automatically animates, lights, and composes CG characters into a live-action site.

  • Bezi AI: Design 3D apps and games faster than ever.

  • Cap: A free, open-source screen recorder — an alternative to Loom.

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🖼️ Adobe Photoshop unveils several new AI tools with the launch of ‘Firefly Image 3’

‘Generate Background’ feature

This week, Adobe released new generative AI tools for Photoshop, powered by its newest Firefly Image 3 model — now available in the Photoshop desktop beta!

Here are the new AI features coming to Photoshop 👇️ 

  • 📷️ Reference Image: Upload an image to guide the AI's output, allowing for more precise control over generated designs.

  • 🌌 Generate Background: Quickly replace and create new background images for product photography and other uses.

  • 🔎 Enhance Detail: Increase clarity and sharpness in images, making them appear more detailed and refined.

  • 🖼️ Generate Similar: Use an existing generated image as a reference to produce similar-looking content.

  • 🎨 Generate Image: Start with a blank page and generate an entire image from a text description.

Have a look at these examples:

‘Reference Image’ feature

‘Generate Similar’ feature

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👀 Adobe’s secret ‘Project Neo’ project, Create & Design 3D Objects

Project Neo

Adobe’s ‘Project Neo,’ a powerful tool that helps you create illustrations faster and supercharges your 2D designs with 3D magic, is now available in beta.

With its easy-to-use interface and familiar Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator controls, you can produce stellar icons, lively drawings, and unique dimensional shapes in minutes.

You'll have more control over color, mid-tones, and shadows and can add depth and geometry to your designs with simple twists, turns, and tweaks.

🪄 Adobe’s new research project, ‘VideoGigaGAN,’ allows you to upscale your videos with AI

Adobe’s latest research project, ‘VideoGigaGAN,’ went viral this week. Researchers developed a new generative AI model that can upscale blurry videos up to 8X their original resolution!

According to Adobe, VideoGigaGAN outperforms other Video Super Resolution (VSR) methods by providing more fine-grained details without introducing "AI weirdness" to the footage.

This model is a research preview, and there's no guarantee that Adobe will make VideoGigaGAN available to consumers via Creative Cloud software like Premiere Pro.

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Webflow acquired Intellimize, an AI-driven website personalization and conversation rate optimization platform.

  • Framer introduced “masking” in its newest update, allowing for alpha masking, luminance masking, and compositing with multiple masks.

  • Pika releases “Style Presets,” allowing you to transfer an art style across videos.

  • Framer is running a community challenge for its recently released “3D Transforms” feature.

  • OpenAI shared a viral short film made with its ‘Sora’ AI video model — it turned out to use a ton of manual rotoscoping and VFX.

  • KREA AI introduced aspect ratios in ‘realtime’, allowing you to generate horizontal and vertical AI images that update in real-time.

  • Frame.io’s co-founder and CEO, who sold the company for $1.3B to Adobe, shared his biggest five lessons on X (Twitter).

  • Captions released ‘AI Creator Ads’ allowing you to generate UGC-style video ads in one click.

  • Journey+, a tool that allows you to use MidJourney without Discord, was acquired in three months.

  • Freepik' Upscaler’ is free until May 4; use code “upscaler” at checkout.

  • Rive partnered with Soundly to introduce a new ‘Audio Events,’ allowing users to access a free library of 3,000+ sounds in the Rive editor.

  • Midjourney released a new ‘Style Random’ feature, allowing you to “explore the latent space of visual style.”

  • KREA AI will release AI video capabilities soon.

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