Procreate Dreams on iPad: The Future of Digital Animation

A Revolutionary New Animation Design Tool

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital illustration, Procreate, the pioneer in iPad illustration, is set to redefine the industry standards with its newest 2D animation app, Procreate Dreams.

Known for its user-friendly interfaces and innovative tools, the company promises an app that accommodates both seasoned artists and novices. Let's delve deeper into what makes Procreate Dreams the next big thing in digital artistry.

Procreate Dreams will be available globally on the App Store on November 22nd. The app will break the mold by offering a one-time purchase price of $19.99, standing out in an industry dominated by subscription pricing models.

Users eagerly waiting for the Procreate Dreams release date can mark their calendars and get ready to explore a plethora of features without worrying about monthly subscriptions.

Procreate “Performing” Tool

Innovative Features

From intuitive editing and sound design options to revolutionary file format support, this app promises to be a haven for artists. Here, we explore the key features that set Procreate Dreams apart:

  • Video and Sound Editing: Craft rich auditory experiences with dramatic voiceovers, atmospheric music, and immersive sound effects.

  • Stage Feature: Develop extensive sets that allow characters to spring to life, coupled with the flexibility to control every aspect of the staging through intuitive pinch gestures that facilitate zoom, pan, and rotate functions.

  • Real-Time Rendering and Live Motion Effects: Elevate your animation projects with real-time rendering and live motion effects, bolstered by the inclusion of keyframes that offer nuanced control over the animation process.

  • Custom Fonts and Text Animation: Personalize your projects with the ability to animate text and import custom fonts, offering a tailored touch to every animation.

  • Next-Generation File Format: Benefit from the innovative file format designed for iCloud synchronization and backups, ensuring quick access and safeguarding your creative endeavors with features like instant open, automatic saving, and an eternal history that preserves all undo actions.

  • Optimized for iPad and Apple Pencil: Experience an unrivaled user interface optimized for iPad and Apple Pencil, promising natural and responsive painting experiences along with supercharged timeline editing, harmonizing perfectly with the iPad's capabilities.

Designed with a touch-centric approach, Procreate Dreams brings forth features like Performing, which automates keyframes addition through gesture recordings. Its intuitive multi-touch timeline elevates the user experience, promising a faster and more seamless creation process compared to traditional mouse and keyboard setups.

Procreate “Flipbook”

The Flipbook tool is a nod to traditional animation, offering a focused user interface that recalls the popular Animation Assist feature from the original Procreate app. Artists, whether they are creating short looping GIFs or complex character animations, will find the onion skins technique invaluable for visualizing multiple frames at once.

Given Procreate’s impressive track record, with over six years as the best-selling paid iPad app, the anticipation for Procreate Dreams is building up massively. The digital illustration community is abuzz with discussions on how Procreate Dreams could potentially become a cornerstone app for artists worldwide.

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