🎧 Riverside releases NEW "Conversation Studio"

PLUS: A new After Effects update, Runway releases "Gen-3 Alpha," and more.

This week’s new tools, tutorials, and resources 👇️ 

  • Adobe Firefly: How to retouch your photos with Generative Fill (Tutorial)

  • Durves: Create amazing patterns and shapes for free.

  • Fontpair: Find free fonts and font pairings to use for your next design project.

  • Logoipsum: 100 free and ready-to-use replacement logos in various styles & compositions.

  • Creator’s Toolbox: 100% royalty-free music (new songs added daily).

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🎧️ Riverside Releases a NEW “Conversation Studio” Packed with AI and Live-Streaming Features

Riverside is a platform that offers a suite of tools for recording, editing, and live-streaming high-quality audio and video content (that you can access directly from your browser).

This week, it introduced a tonnnnn of new updates to its platform to make live-streaming and creating video content much easier for creators.

NEW AI Features:

  • 🪄 VideoDub: You can edit the words you say in a video, and Riverside’s AI will align the new words with AI-generated audio.

  • 🎙️ AI Voice: You can convert any text into your own speech with AI.

NEW Video Editing Features:

  • 🎦 Smart Scenes: You can choose the layouts, tracks, and design you want (or ask AI to do it for you).

  • 📱 Mobile Editing: You can cut, edit, trim, and text-edit recordings directly from your phone.

  • 🎵 Music Overlays: You can now upload a song or choose from Riverside’s catalog (auto-ducking and fading are automatically done).

  • ✂️ Mult-track editing: You can now edit videos in multiple tracks on the Riverside timeline.

  • 🗣️ Cross out crosstalk: Riverside will mark anyone talking over you, and you can mute them if you choose.

NEW Live-Streaming Features:

  • 🔢 Multi-streaming: You can now live stream directly to multiple social media platforms at once (e.g. YouTube, Instagram Live, Twitch, TikTok Live)

  • 👋 Omnichat: You can chat will all of your live viewers from (from any platform) in one chat box.

  •  Full HD Streaming: You can now live-stream your recordings in full HD (1080P).

  • 🎨 Studio Branding: You can customize your virtual “studio” so it matches your brand’s colors, backgrounds, and fonts.

  • 💬 Lower Thirds: You can display guest and host names with custom lower thirds.

And more…

🆕 Adobe After Effects NEW Update: 30+ Presets & Effects, 3D Model Support + More

This week, Adobe released After Effects (v24.5), a new update that extends the software’s 3D capabilities and adds more presets & effects to the animation tool.

Here is a quick overview of the updates:

The update also introduces 33 new presets, including, but not limited to:

  • 💥 Anime-inspired radial backgrounds and speed lines.

  • 📦️ Dynamic text boxes that re-size themselves

  • 📊 Bar graphs, line graphs, and radial graphs

  • 🔢 Number counters (percentages, timers, currencies)

  • 💿️ Synthetics elements (CD, foil, holographic, and typographic textures).

  • 🆕 New transitions, including new wipes and dissolve transitions.

📹️ Runway Releases “Gen-3 Alpha,” An Insane AI-Video Generator

Last week, we also covered Luma Labs' free AI video generator, “Dream Machine,” but this one is too good not to cover.

This week, Runway announced: “Gen-3 Alpha(hint: this one is way more impressive). With this AI video model, you can generate videos with just a simple text prompt.

Some notable information:

  • ⏩️ It can create 10-second highly realistic video clips with improved generation speed and precision (compared to Gen-2).

  • 🤑 It will be available to paying subscribers initially (but Runway plans to expand access to its free tier in the future).

  • No release date has been announced yet.

Here are some example examples of videos generated with Gen-3 Alpha:

Prompt: “Over the shoulder shot of a woman running and watching a rocket in the distance.”

Prompt: “Dragon-toucan walking through the Serengeti.”

Prompt: “A side profile shot of a woman with fireworks exploding in the distance beyond her.”

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Runway introduced “Gen-3 Alpha,” a new base model for video generation that can create highly detailed videos with complex scene changes.

  • Riverside released a new update to “Conversation Studio” that allows for full HD live streaming, multi-track editing, AI features, and more.

  • Adobe released a new update for After Effects (v24.5), which includes 33 new presets, animated model support, and more.

  • HeyGen, an AI-powered video generation platform, raised $60 million.

  • Final Cut Pro released a new update for iPad and Mac — the update includes live multicam functionality, AI features, and more.

  • ElevenLabs introduced its Text to Sound Effects API — this app is available for free online and is fully open-source.

  • Google shared progress on its video-to-audio (V2A) generative technology, which can add sound to silent clips to match a scene's acoustics.

  • Fable now exports projects to Lottie format 3x smaller.

  • Adobe released a small update to Premiere Pro (v24.5) that allows you to add custom watermarks for proxy files, ProRes export performance improvements, and Enhance Speech improvements.

  • Webflow released its “Summer 2024” update, which included CMS on-canvas editing capabilities, brand-consistent page templates, shareable libraries, and more.

  • Figma now allows you to bold, italicize, or underline text even when a text style is applied.

  • Luma AI released a new update to “Dream Machine,” which will allow you to extend videos with AI, explore concepts, and change subjects with more control.

  • Framer released a new “Forms” feature allowing you to add 10+ input types, custom states, and more.

  • KREA AI released a super slow-mo feature that allows you to control playback speed up to 120fps.

  • YT Jobs now allows you to post jobs beyond common categories — this includes blog writing, audio engineering, and more.

  • Galileo AI now allows you to export design from Galileo to Replit and edit your designs using code.

  • OpusClip now allows you to move, extend, and trim AI b-roll on the timeline.

  • Midjourney added “blending” to its model personalization and style reference codes, allowing you to blend your personalized models.

  • Captions released LipDub 2.0, a new version of its lip dubbing model that allows you to generate AI talking videos at much higher resolution (up to 4K).

  • Figma released updates to notifications, which include UX improvements.

  • Spline introduced “Local Storage,” a new way to store persistent data on your exported scenes using variables.

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