🎙️ ElevenLabs Releases “Voice Isolator"

PLUS: Figma takes down AI Feature, Runway "Gen-3 Alpha" is Available to Everyone, and more.

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This week’s new tools, tutorials, and resources 👇️ 

  • Avatars: A list of free and fun avatars for your design projects (Figma project file).

  • Flair AI + Luma AI: How to create AI models to produce images for your own products (Tutorial).

  • Framer: A free displacement component to generate fractal glass effects (Framer component)

  • Creator’s Toolbox: 100% royalty-free music (new songs added daily).

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🎙️ ElevenLabs Releases “Voice Isolator, ”Remove Unwanted Background Noise

This week, ElevenLabs released “Voice Isolator,” allowing you to remove unwanted background noise with AI (it’s pretty good).

In addition to this nifty tool, ElevenLabs also allows you to translate your voice (audio) into 29 different languages and even clone your voice to automate voiceovers.


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Figma Removes AI Feature After Viral Post Exposing It

Figma's newest AI feature, “Make Designs” (which was able to instantly generate design drafts based on text prompts), was pulled after generating designs that closely resembled Apple's iOS weather app.

Here’s the timeline of events:

  • In a viral post, Andy Allen from Not Boring Software highlighted the similarities, warning designers to check their work to avoid legal trouble.

  • Figma CTO Kris Rasmussen clarified that Figma didn't train the AI models, which are based on third-party systems from OpenAI and Amazon.

  • Figma CEO Dylan Field then took responsibility, explaining that the rush to meet deadlines led to this issue.

📹️ Runway’s “Gen-3 Alpha” is Now Available to Everyone

In other AI news, Runway, the creators of the recently-announced “Gen-3 Alpha” text-to-video model (we wrote about it here), made the tool free for everyone to use.

The tool can create 10-second highly realistic video clips with improved generation speed and precision (compared to Gen-2).

Unfortunately, it costs $1 to generate to create one 10-second clip 😅 

Check out this crazy example 👇️ 

📰 Other news you might’ve missed:

  • Framer released its brand-new “Marketplace” that will allow you to discover & get discovered, create a profile page, and more.

  • KREA AI released “Scene Transfer” allowing you to create new scenes in seconds with perfect light and color consistency.

  • Sketch teased that “Auto Layout” is coming to the app soon.

  • LottieFiles released “Segments” in Lottie Creator, allowing you to divide animations into manageable named sections with markers.

  • YouTube is releasing an “Erase Song” feature that allows you to automatically remove music from your videos if they get copyright claimed.

  • Meta is experimenting with allowing its Quest VR headsets to manage up to 6 virtual windows at once.

  • Shopify will make it easier for sellers to produce product photography with its new “Shopify Magic” feature powered by AI.

  • Suno, a text-to-music generator, is now available to download on iOS devices in the Apple App Store.

  • Captions released “AI Twin,” an easy way to generate a personal avatar of yourself using AI.

  • Meta teased “Meta Gen 3D,” a new system for generating 3D assets from text in under 1 minute.

  • Figma “Slides” is now available to use in the Figma mobile app.

  • Play released “Figma Import,” an easy way to copy designs from Figma and paste them into Play.

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